Foldscope, the $1 Foldable Paper Microscope, for Everyone


Foldscope, the $1 Foldable Paper Microscope, for Everyone

Designed by Stanford professor Manu Prakash in 2014, Foldscope is an origami foldable, paper microscope coming in at a price less than your morning coffee. For $1, Foldscope provides a tiny, pocket-sized microscope in five minutes.

The Foldscope has a tiny micro lens with a high curvature, sharply bending light and providing high magnification. Manu Prakash and his team built their own manufacturing facilities to keep costs low and standardized the die cuts and assembly. 

The Foldscope can provide over 2000X magnification with submicro resolution a level of magnification surpassing many main-stream microscopes today. The microscopic microscope requires a tiny lens, a 3V battery and an LED light. 

To use, simply place your eye to the lens and adjust the position of microscope to the distance of the subject - no focus knobs here. The Foldscope represents a simplification of a traditionally costly tool and the benefits for education worldwide are evident. 

Foldscope was founded on the principle that access to scientific tools should beequitable for all. Anyone should be afforded the pleasure of viewing the world at a microscopic level and Foldscope makes this dream a reality. The Foldscope project was successfully funded on December 21, 2016, raising $393,358 from Kickstarter. For more info see the Foldscope website here.

The $1 Origami Paper Microscope